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Aspen Healthcare provides first-class independent healthcare for patients in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.

It is an award-winning hospital composed of nine locally managed facilities.

International Medical Treatment is the Official Representative Office for Aspen Hospital UK, helping coordinate treatment for people around Africa and the Middle East Region.

Aspen Healthcare – Committed to excellence and the highest quality standards of patient care

Facts About Aspen Healthcare

  • It has 250 beds.

  • 19 operating theatres.

  • It had 43,000 admissions in 2017.

  • It had 308,000 outpatient and diagnostic patients in 2017.

  • Its cancer centre in London was accredited by CHKS for its standards that meet international best practice standards.

  • The theatres meet all the standards that have been set by AfPP, the recognized authority for theatre standards.

  • The laboratories provide high quality service to meet Clinical Pathology Accreditation standards.

Facts About The Acibadem Hospital Group

Aspen Healthcare has won several awards including:

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