Brain tumours are more common among children and older adults than younger adults. The majority of people think that all brain tumours are cancerous. However, most of them are actually benign, meaning they are not made up of cancer cells. A brain tumour diagnosis for most people, usually feels like a death sentence but that should not be the case.

The future of brain tumour surgery is here. Over the years, better technology has been invented to make the treatment of brain tumours more precise.

This article highlights some of the most advanced technology that is available in brain tumour surgery.

Once a person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, the first treatment in most cases usually focuses on removing as much of the tumour as possible while at the same time preserving healthy brain tissue. Before the actual surgery, the specialist may conduct a functional MRI (fMRI) which is done to identify and map areas of the brain that are responsible for important brain functions like speech and movement. This test also checks blood flow and activity in the brain.

Advanced Technologies

Finding cancer in its early stages makes it more effective to treat and that is what is offered at our partner hospitals. Once a doctor has done a physical examination, more tests may be ordered if lung cancer is suspected. Some advanced tests are:

  • Stereotactic brain biopsy: A biopsy is done to remove a small piece of brain tissue. Through stereotactic brain biopsy, the brain is mapped in a three-dimensional coordinated system with the assistance of an MRI and CT scans. 3D computer workstations are also utilised to enable the neurosurgeon to be precise.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT): This technology makes use of computer-generated images to plan and deliver radiation beams directly to a brain tumour and at the same time minimize the risk of damaging healthy brain tissues.
  • Expanded endonasal endoscopic approaches (EEA): This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves using an endoscope to remove a brain tumour through the nose.
  • 3D Navigation System (NeuroNavigation): It allows a neurosurgeon to locate deep-seated or very small brain tumours making surgery safer and more effective as minimal brain exposure is needed to remove the tumour.
  • PET/CT: This is basically a combination of positron emission tomography (PET) and computerised tomography (CT) which are more advanced imaging techniques. A PET scan provides functional imaging of human organs and tissues at a metabolic level while a CT scan provides detailed anatomical information.
  • Cyberknife: This is an advanced technology for radiosurgery that makes it possible to treat cancers anywhere in the body including in the brain. It offers sub-millimetre precision while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.
  • Gamma knife icon: This advanced technology offers a non-invasive treatment for brain tumours through radiosurgery, making it possible to reach even the areas of the brain that are difficult to access through conventional surgery. It also minimizes possible damage to normal healthy tissues in the brain.

New technology in the medical field such as that explained above, aims at making treatment more effective or even diagnosing brain tumours earlier when the tumours are easier to treat.

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Treating cancer in its early stages is less costly and more likely to be successful.

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