Apollo Hospital – Health Check-Up Packages

– Health check-up that is tailored to an individual’s needs

– Offers diagnostic expertise and certified processes

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International Medical Treatment (IMT) is the Official Representative Office for Apollo Hospitals in India, helping to coordinate all medical treatments and checkups at no charge.

Health Check-up Packages at Apollo Hospital India

  • Apollo Hospital has for over 30 years been offering comprehensive health check-ups in India.

  • The hospital offers a wide range of health check-ups all tailored to suit every individual’s needs.

  • Health check-ups are important because they help with early detection of diseases and appropriate management resulting in better outcomes and lower risk of complications.

Why Use Apollo for Your Health Check-Up?

With over 30 years since the pioneering Apollo Personalised Health Check-Up, during which over 12 million health checks have been carried out, Apollo Hospital has accumulated the necessary experience in providing high quality personalised health check – ups.

This ensures enhanced early diagnosis of diseases that one may not even have symptoms for.

Please see below for a detailed comparison of the various Health Check-up Packages available at Apollo Hospital India. 

The Apollo Hospital has won several awards including:

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