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Kidney Cancer


Is there a connection between Kidney Cancer and Chronic Kidney Disease? More than 330,000 new kidney cancer (renal cancer) cases occur every year, making it one of the most common cancers worldwide. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on the other hand, is the gradual loss of kidney function (filtering wastes and excess fluids from the [...]

Kidney Cancer2020-05-19T18:23:20+03:00

Easing Endometriosis Pain


Overview Thousands of women who suffer from endometriosis experience extreme pain during their periods (dysmenorrhoea). In the case endometriosis, the pain is due to secondary dysmenorrhoea which occurs as a result of a disorder in the reproductive system. Many women suffer in silence as most of those living with dysmenorrhoea do not speak about [...]

Easing Endometriosis Pain2020-05-18T17:38:00+03:00

A Simple Guide to The Best Foods For People With Chronic Kidney Disease


Overview A good kidney diet comprises foods that do not contain minerals such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorous which are processed by the kidneys. This is to prevent a buildup of these minerals in the blood of people with CKD. Despite the fact that people with CKD need to eliminate or have less of [...]

A Simple Guide to The Best Foods For People With Chronic Kidney Disease2020-05-18T17:38:19+03:00

World Kidney Day 2020


From Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care Worldwide, over 850 million people suffer from kidney diseases. The fact that this number is roughly double the number of people who live with diabetes and 20 times more than cancer prevalence worldwide, is alarming and more needs to be done. World Kidney Day is [...]

World Kidney Day 20202020-05-19T18:10:54+03:00

Endometriosis Awareness Month


Overview Endometriosis affects approximately 200 million women in the world, yet the condition is either misdiagnosed or missed in most cases. Lack of awareness about this disease is one of the major reasons for endometriosis that make it difficult for the condition to be detected. A lot of women end up suffering in silence [...]

Endometriosis Awareness Month2020-05-18T18:09:18+03:00

Getting the Most from your Food


Overview If eating healthy is part of your lifestyle or something you are planning to incorporate into your life, you probably already know that minding what you ingest is very important. So, most people know that what they eat is crucial. However, there are other factors that you must consider if you aim to [...]

Getting the Most from your Food2020-03-04T10:25:08+03:00

Affordable Health Packages at Sunway Wellness Centre


Overview Today’s hectic lifestyle can be overwhelming leaving little time for most people to focus on their health. This is why the holiday season can be a great time to start focusing more on your wellbeing. Sunway Wellness Centre is the right place to think about when considering getting affordable and comprehensive health check-up [...]

Affordable Health Packages at Sunway Wellness Centre2020-02-18T10:16:16+03:00

Everyday Habits that can Help Prevent Cancer


Overview Cancer is the number 2 leading cause of death globally taking the lives of millions of people every year. The rising number of cancer-related deaths is due to the fact that most cancers start to exhibit symptoms in the late stages. This means that, by the time most cancer patients find out they [...]

Everyday Habits that can Help Prevent Cancer2020-02-18T09:28:38+03:00

Signs and Symptoms You Should Never Ignore


Overview Cancer arises when normal cells convert to tumour cells which grow more rapidly and uncontrollably. Since cancer has no definite, specific symptoms, limiting your risk of the disease and undergoing appropriate screening is crucial. These are some common symptoms that you should not ignore as their manifestation may be an indication of the [...]

Signs and Symptoms You Should Never Ignore2020-02-17T08:44:38+03:00

Robotic Surgery Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital


Overview Bumrungrad International Hospital began using robotic-assisted surgery in 2016 for prostate cancer surgical treatment. The hospital has since then, widened its scope of minimally invasive procedures performed using robotic-assisted surgery which is carried out by a surgeon but through a computer-enhanced system making it more precise and effective than traditional surgery. Types of [...]

Robotic Surgery Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital2020-02-08T13:41:17+03:00
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