Approximately 1 billion people, worldwide, suffer from neurological disorders which lead to the death of over 6 million people every year. Neurological conditions are conditions that affect the brain, the central and autonomic nervous system; the brain, spine and the nerves. There are over 600 neurological disorders but the most common include stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

At International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT), in our quest to facilitate for high quality overseas medical treatment for people around the world, we have received a substantial number of enquiries from people seeking advanced treatment of various neurological conditions. We understand the important role that advanced diagnostics and treatment options play in getting high-quality medical treatment, including for neurological conditions.


With the growth of technology comes better, more advanced diagnostic technologies such as:

  1. PET-CT: It is a combination of the positron emission tomography (PET) scan which provides functional imaging of human organs and tissues at metabolic level and computerised tomography (CT) scan that provides detailed anatomical information. It is useful in detecting tumours, planning for therapy as well as assessing a patient’s response to treatment. Apart from brain tumours, it is also used in identifying epileptogenic focus in neurological cases like Alzheimer’s.
  2. Advanced EEG monitoring for epilepsy: This test involves recording the brain’s electrical activity by attaching electrodes to the scalp. Apart from diagnosing seizures, it can also be used in the diagnosis of nonepileptic attacks.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): This is an advanced imaging technique that gives more detailed images of internal organs of the neurological system.
  4. Spiral CT/ 3D CT: It is a more advanced form of computerised tomography that enables for rapid imaging of different regions of the body through continuous scanning.
  5. Magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA): A type of MRI that uses a strong magnetic field combined with radiofrequency waves to create detailed images of blood vessels in the body.
  6. Electromyography: Used to record electrical activity of the muscle tissue and nerve cells that control them.

Treatment Technologies

The treatment of lung cancer depends on the size, location and stage of the cancer. Once the specialist has determined these factors, they can then choose the most appropriate treatment option.

  • Gamma Knife: This advanced technology is a radiosurgical technique used in brain tumour treatment without surgery. It allows for a bloodless treatment of brain tumours and no anaesthesia is required for the patient.
  • Cyberknife: It is a robotic radiosurgery system designed for treatment of cancers in any area of the body. It offers accuracy, less scarring, faster healing and offers maximum protection to normal, healthy cells during cancer treatment.
  • Robotic Gait Technology: This new robotic system is used to restore quality of life for patients with neurological disorders such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease by offering support through the rehabilitation process providing results in shorter time than previous therapies.
  • Tomotherapy: Unlike conventional forms of radiation therapy, this system is designed to deliver image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy safely. Another advantage is its ability to take images daily before every treatment session.

IMT only works with some of the best hospitals overseas and as such, we can help you find advanced treatment for neurological conditions even complex ones that cannot be treated locally.

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