The incidence of brain tumours is approximately 23 cases per every 100,000 people. They can either be benign or malignant; most of them being non-cancerous (benign). They are more common among people above 60 years and children mostly below 15 years.

Surgery is one of the common treatment options for brain tumours. However, with the brain being a delicate organ, in some cases, some complications may arise after surgery to remove brain tumour.


Post brain tumour surgery complications depend on factors like where the tumour is located, what procedure is used to remove the tumour as well as a person’s overall health. These are some of the complications that may arise after brain tumour removal:


This is a situation whereby a person who speaks normally, is unable to talk to certain people or in certain situations. It mostly affects children and occurs when a tumour is removed from the back of the brain. A child with mutism exhibits symptoms such as emotional difficulties, behavioural changes and cortical blindness (where the child does not see images even though the brain is working well) among other symptoms. It can last for months but once the child starts to say some words, he or she is soon able to talk in complete sentences. However, their speech might not be exactly as it was before the surgery.

Hormone Problems

Certain brain tumour surgeries can cause damage to the pituitary gland which controls several hormones in the body leading to hormonal problems. This can result in the gland not producing certain hormones or not enough of the hormone.

Neurological Deficits

These can cause weakness or problems with balance which in some cases might require professional help from occupational theraist or physiotherapists.
Other complications include:

  • Swallowing problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Loss of sight
  • Nutrition depletion (blockage of absorption, storage, metabolism and synthesis of essential nutrients from food consumed due to certain medications)
  • Seizures
  • Muscle paralysis

How to Deal with Post-Brain Surgery Complications

Some complications can be treated while others take time and several therapy sessions to deal with. Here are several ways of dealing with complications that arise from brain tumour surgery.

  • Parents with children who suffer from mutism after brain surgery should not force their children to speak because that only becomes frustrating for the child. They should instead find a speech-language pathologist to help the child improve his or her speech with time.
  • Professional help might be needed, for instance, an occupational therapist can help a child with swallowing problems as well as other everyday tasks like playing skills.
  • A physiotherapist, on the other hand, can help your child overcome physical challenges by improving muscle strength through exercise for different areas of the body such as the neck to help with sore neck muscles.
  • Create a friendly environment for your loved one, to create a conducive environment for them to heal.

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