What are the Challenges to Going Overseas for Medical Treatment? 

When you hear the word India, what comes to your mind? Is it the Bollywood bit, the nice Indian cuisine, the sari, the business minded nature of her people…? Well, for me it’s a reminder of her contribution to the medical world.  About 5 years ago my late aunt was diagnosed with cancer and went to seek medical treatment in India. Today, India has become a home for many people seeking treatment and especially for cancer.

According to the Daily Nation, 6th October 2014, up to 100,000 people from East Africa go to India for medical treatment yearly with the number increasing by 4% annually. It almost sounds like it happens in a snap, but did you know that going for medical treatment overseas is not as simple as people may make it seem?

Why do people for overseas for medical treatment? 

The reasons why people choose to go for treatment overseas vary from one individual to another, however, it is surprising to know that one of the main reasons is simply because they have heard of someone else who did so and got well. Advanced medical equipment and a wide range of specialists are other reasons why people prefer seeking medical treatment abroad.

What could go wrong? 

Despite the fact that many people choose to go abroad for treatment, it is important to be careful about what hospital you choose because there are people who have taken advantage of the increased need for treatment overseas. Some may want to refer you to a specific hospital to get a commission, yet that may not be the best option for you. They may also refer you to a hospital or clinic that does not offer quality medical services simply because of the higher commission they may receive. This is why research is very crucial. Do not only rely on what you hear from others whether it is a family member, a friend or even a doctor. Doing your own research will ensure that you find the most suitable hospital for yourself and/or your loved one.

Lack of research may lead to a number of issues one of them being not being able to choose a hospital that will best suit your needs due to lack of information about hospitals and the services they offer.

Being in a new country could be overwhelming for some people due to cultural variations. It is also a big challenge being in a new environment and have limited or no support: from which doctor to see, the accommodation available or even someone to guide you through the entire process and be there for you as you go through your treatment. These issues are what International Medical Treatment limited (IMT) aims to solve.

How much easier would it be if you had someone to do all the heavy lifting for you? IMT, could be the answer to all your struggles on matters relating to seeking overseas medical treatment. We have taken a significant amount of time to conduct research on the best hospitals in India, Dubai and Thailand. We have made sure that the hospitals we work with are certified locally and (JCI) Joint Commission International accredited. We not only help you find a good hospital that will cater for your specific needs, but also assist you in getting a treatment plan and quote, plan for your travel to and from the country of your choice, good accommodation during the treatment, as well as following up with you regularly to see how you are doing and help address any issues that may arise.

How IMT can make it easier for you

Our dedicated client coordinator will be there for you through all steps of the medical treatment process, from initial inquiry to post treatment follow-ups once you have returned home. Therefore, seeking medical treatment overseas no longer has to be a headache for you or your loved ones. Choose to work with IMT and be assured of a hassle free, effective and convenient medical treatment journey.

What to do next? 

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