What are the challenges?

Millions of people worldwide, travel overseas for medical treatment every year. Whether it is because they want access to more advanced medical technologies, a wide range of specialists or are more concerned about comfort during treatment, international patients have varying reasons for wanting to go to different medical tourism destinations around the world.

However, as much as it is a common occurrence for people to choose to travel from their own countries to seek medical treatment, it is a whole process that can be more challenging than you can imagine. Unlike normal hospital visits where you see your doctor and go back home or resume your daily schedule, choosing overseas for your medical treatment means arranging travel documents, and booking flights and accommodation, among several other things that are a must-do, if you want to have a stress-free process. All this requires a lot of research.

Research is a huge part of overseas medical tourism and finding a good quality hospital in a country you probably have never been to before is one of the most challenging things that many international patients face. We, at International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT), are well aware of this and that is why we are here to help patients from Africa and the Middle East to have a hustle-free overseas medical treatment journey.

Choosing a Good Hospital Overseas

At IMT, we believe that when choosing an overseas hospital, the most important deciding factors are affordability and quality. Keep reading to know where you fit in as that may help you make a more informed decision on choosing a hospital that will best suit your needs or those of your loved ones.

Affordability and Quality of Medical Treatment

No one wants to travel for miles only to get low quality medical treatment. If you are spending your money on travelling from your country, you want to be sure that you are getting value for your money. Therefore, do enough research to be certain that the hospital you choose offers you the quality that you need. You can do this by:

  1. Checking its accreditations: For instance, all IMT’s partner hospitals in India, Thailand, The UAE and Turkey, are JCI accredited. Joint Commission International is an international body mandated with accrediting hospitals that offer high quality medical treatment and that ensure patient safety. You can also find out whether a hospital is part of any recognised medical institutes.
  2. Checking reviews: You can visit the hospital’s website or if you know of anyone who has been to the same hospital, you can ask their opinion about the hospital. However, do not let people’s opinions be the only deciding factor in choosing the hospital where you will undertake your treatment. Do your own research.

Quality is key, but there is also the financial aspect. Some people are more concerned about affordability while others are more concerned about how comfortable they will be during their treatment. If the treatment cost is a major concern for you, remember not to compromise on quality because when it comes to medical treatment, you get what you pay for.

For Cost conscious people

The hospital you choose, should be within your budget but still offer quality medical treatment. That sounds hard to find, right? Well, IMT can help you find a hospital that offers both quality and affordability.

If you are very cost conscious, then India would be a great choice for medical treatment, because our partner hospitals in India (Apollo Hospital and Gleneagles Global Hospitals) provide both quality and affordable medical treatment. The cost of medical treatment in India can actually be compared to the cost of treatment in high-end hospitals in some developing countries, but the reason why a patient would choose India over a local hospital is the advanced equipment that is found in quality hospitals in India. For instance, at Apollo Hospital, the da Vinci Robotics system is used in performing some minimally invasive procedures, and this robotic system is not available locally in most developing countries.

Why is India Cheaper than other medical tourism destinations?

Hospitals in India offer high quality, relatively cheap medical treatment and so the country receives a huge number of patients every year; both local and international patients. Generally, with these high numbers, less time is spent on the consultation in order to serve as many patients as possible. This might be different from other medical tourism destinations like Thailand that provide a more personalised approach.

Less Cost-Conscious Patients

While most people may know of the US, UK and Europe for quality, high-end medical treatment, Thailand, The UAE and Turkey are other medical tourism destinations to consider for patients who are more concerned about the quality of treatment and their comfort, than the cost.

These destinations are considerably less costly than the US, UK and Europe yet offer the same quality of personalised care and medical treatment using world-class medical technologies. Here is a bit of information of these destinations.


Our partner hospital in Thailand, the Bumrungrad International Hospital was ranked the 9th best hospital in the world. It is also the first hospital outside the US to be accredited by the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program. The hospital serves over 500,000 international patients a year including from Africa and the Middle East. The customer service and personalised care offered to patients at the Bumrungrad International Hospital is exceptional with an international patients’ desk offering interpreters for most major languages and a team of 100 medical coordinators to serve the needs of international patients.

Apart from medical treatment, the hospital also offers comprehensive health check-ups for people of all ages.


American Hospital, just as the name suggests, is a hospital that offers American Standards of healthcare in the UAE. So, if your destination of choice is the US, American hospital could be a good alternative choice for you. You not only get to receive quality medical treatment but also enjoy the world class additional services offered at the hospital with your own 24-hour room service not forgetting that the hospital is in one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in the world.

NMC hospital, also in the UAE, is the largest healthcare provider in the UAE, managing over 135 healthcare facilities. It is well known for its orthopaedic services; performing joint replacements and treating other orthopaedic problems with state-of-the-art orthopaedic technology which allows for faster recovery and less hospital stays. NMC is also the third largest fertility provider in the world and the leading provider in the Middle East dealing with all types of infertility cases through its Fakih IVF Fertility Centre and its many fertility clinics around the world including Fertility Point in Kenya.


Acibadem Hospital is the leading private healthcare provider in Turkey and is part of the world’s second largest healthcare chain, which makes Turkey another medical tourism destination to consider for people who are not very cost conscious. The international patient service centre assists patients through arranging their consultation, diagnostic services, billing and language interpretation. This gives patients an easier time throughout their treatment at Acibadem by not having to worry about language barriers and other challenges they may face. With advanced facilities and equipment, and specialists who employ a multidisciplinary approach in treating complex conditions, patients are served efficiently.

Why travel as far away as the US, UK or Europe when you can get the same standards of healthcare in other more conveniently located destinations?

All IMT’s partner hospitals are conveniently located just one or two flights away from most major cities in Africa such as Nairobi. We can help you choose a hospital that suits your needs, or those of your loved ones, and we even go that extra mile to book your doctor’s appointment, book your flights and accommodation as well as help you to get a visa.

Contact IMT today and let us walk with you in your overseas medical treatment journey.

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How IMT can help

We, at International Medical Treatment (IMT), are experienced facilitators who can help you access some of the best specialists in our partner hospitals in India, Dubai and Thailand.

We are here to help. By using IMT you will be assured of the following:

  • You will get a free, dedicated client coordinator who will help you coordinate with our partner hospitals to provide you, for free, with treatment plans and quotes to allow you to make an informed decision about which hospital and treatment is right for you.

  • All our partner hospitals are internationally accredited (JCI) and are the top hospitals in each country. We only work with the market leading hospitals.

  • If you arrange things through us you will never pay more than if you were to contact the hospitals directly.

  • No waiting times.

  • No hidden fees, no obligations- receive a free, dedicated coordinator from IMT to help coordinate and book your international medical treatment.

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