Want to Know How to Go Overseas for Medical Treatment Hassle Free?

Getting medical treatment overseas can be stressful because of the process you have to go through. It may be frustrating if you have no idea where to start. However, International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT), does it for you in six simple steps. Here is a guide to assist you in understanding what steps to follow when going for medical treatment overseas.

How It Works


Understanding our clients needs

Our clients fill out a simple form to help us understand their needs:



Initial contact and planning


An IMT client coordinator then has a discussion to understand what kind of treatment the client is looking for and to collect any available medical records related to the condition, such as X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, doctors reports and discharge forms. These are important to allow the specialists at our partner hospitals to form a second opinion and come up with accurate treatment options. 


Send medical reports to the specialists at our partner hospitals


The medical records and scans are then shared with the specialists at our partner hospitals who provides treatment options and costs for treatment.


Relay the information to the client


An IMT client coordinator then takes the client through the medical treatment options, fees and costs for accommodation, travel and visas to help the client to make an informed decision.




Once a client has confirmed they want to proceed with the treatment, a client coordinator makes all the arrangements: books the treatment with our partner hospital, helps with the visa application, books suitable accommodation close to the hospital and can also book your flights. We also go that extra step to ensure that our client has a trouble-free trip by staying in communication throughout the treatment and helping to resolve any thing that may come up.


Post treatment and return


Finally, when the doctor gives the okay for the client to travel, we arrange the trip back home and carry out a follow-up to see how the client is doing, arrange for all medical records to be sent to the client’s local doctor, and arrange a post return consultation with their treating doctor to discuss the healing process.  

It is important for you to choose a credible company to help you with your overseas treatment journey; one that will put your needs or those of your loved ones first. IMT values its clients’ needs and will make the process less stressful for you or your loved ones. #Hassle Free Overseas Medical Treatment.

Find Out More

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