The Vitallife Super Baby Program

The Vitallife Super Baby Program is part of the Vitallife wellness centre which focuses on giving holistic, personalized and family centred care. The Vitallife wellness centre has received a number of awards including being accredited as an Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year 2018.

This centre is part of the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand which is one of the best hospitals in the world. The main programs for the Vitallife Super Baby Program are:

  1. Planning for Conception,
  2. and Assisted Reproductive Services.

This article will however focus on the first program which helps couples and especially mothers to plan for conception.

What does it take to plan for conception? What is required when planning to conceive?

The “Planning for Conception” is aimed at preparing mothers and couples for conception through these four major ways:


Most women will ask, “Do I need to change my diet before I conceive? Is there a specific diet I should follow before conceiving?” Well, diet is one very important part of conception.

A balanced diet is important before conception just as it is in any time of your life even after conception and child birth. A well-balanced diet provides a good foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Ensure that you eat more:

  1. Evegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, among others,
  2. fruits such as berries,
  3. whole grains and
  4. calcium-rich foods like cheese, yoghurt and milk.

If you do not get the nutrients your body needs, your periods could be affected making it difficult to predict when you will ovulate, or it could cause you not to ovulate altogether, if you are significantly obese or underweight.

You should also start taking folic acid because it will help a lot in your baby’s health when it starts growing. Folic acid also prevents the occurrence of neural tube defects in your baby such as spina bifida.

Stay away from alcohol and do not smoke as these can cause complications during pregnancy to your baby and yourself.

A healthy diet is not just for the mother. Men too should watch their diet to help them in producing healthy sperm. Certain nutrients and vitamins such as zinc and vitamins C and E, are good for healthy sperm.


THormonal balance plays a major role in helping a woman conceive, carry her baby to term and give birth to a healthy baby. Hormonal imbalance can make it hard for a woman to conceive and therefore, you should get checked for hormonal imbalance before you conceive.

Millions of women worldwide, suffer from hormonal imbalances in insulin, oestrogen, cortisol and adrenaline, therefore, if you are having hormonal problems that are making it hard for you to conceive, do not lose hope because hormone imbalances can be corrected.

You can do this by:

  • Eating healthy and balancing the intake of omega 3 and 6 fats
  • Getting more vitamin D3
  • Doing exercises
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Practise meditation
  • Go for acupuncture
  • You can also take supplements like prenatal vitamin and cod liver oil to help in balancing hormones.


Detox before conception is very important because babies these days are being born with so many toxins.

We all have toxins locked away in our fat cells and therefore it is not an unusual occurrence, however, to prevent your child from being born with a lot of toxins you should consider starting a detox program before conception. This can also help in your fertility.

Starting your detoxification 6 months before conception and continuing through to conception increases your body’s ability to deal with toxins that cannot be avoided. It will help with your baby’s IQ and overall development, especially neurological development.

Some of the ways in which you can enhance your detox program are:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fibre rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which help with digestion, and
  • Remaining physically active.

Detoxifying can be done using detox products or through natural methods such as drinking herbal teas like green tea.


Why get genetic testing before conceiving? Genetic testing puts you at ease regarding your baby’s health. It also increases the chances for a successful pregnancy.

It is important to have genetic testing done because it can help prevent parents from passing on a genetic disorder to their child. Genetic disorders occur when a child gets two bad copies of a gene from each parent.

The tests used in genetic testing look at DNA linked to certain diseases. How amazing is it to know that through genetic testing, such faults can be detected and prevented?

The Vitallife Super Baby Program is an amazing program especially for couples or women who want to be at their best or those who are struggling with infertility.

Through the specialists at Vitallife Wellness Centre and their use of advanced technology and skills in reproductive health, women can now get the assistance they need in order to experience the gift that is conception.

Contact IMT today and we will be able to help you start the process of planning for conception and will walk you throughout the entire journey to ensure you have an easier experience when planning to have a baby.

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