A Leading Cause of Major Health Complications

More than 420 million people in the world are living with diabetes, while over 1.5 million deaths are caused by the disease, annually. Poor diet, being overweight or obese and the lack of physical activity are some of the major risk factors for this disease and especially for type 2 diabetes which results in the body’s inability to utilise insulin effectively.

Diabetes diagnosis is done through a simple, inexpensive test which involves taking a sample of blood and testing for blood sugar. Diabetes management is not only done using insulin, but a significant part of its treatment is through a proper diet, regular physical activity, limiting alcohol intake and avoiding tobacco use as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

Diabetes is a leading cause of stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure and blindness if the disease is not managed properly.

How do these complications occur?

  • Reduced blood flow causes neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the feet, increasing the risk of foot ulcers, infection and if not treated one may need to have their limb amputated.
  • Because diabetes leads to the inability of the body to create insulin or use it properly, people with diabetes can end up having too much sugar or blood glucose in their blood which can cause blood clots or fat deposits inside blood vessels increasing their risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Too much glucose in the blood can also lead to blockage of blood vessels in the eye cutting off blood supply to the eye. When the eyes try to grow new blood vessels, they may not develop properly causing leakage leading to a condition known as diabetes retinopathy. Another form of this condition is when the eye does not grow new blood vessels.
  • Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure. Diabetes nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease occur when blood vessels in the kidney are damaged by diabetes causing the kidney to stop functioning properly and if this is not treated, then it can lead to kidney failure.

There are several other health complications that can be caused by uncontrolled diabetes. It is, therefore, crucial to get the necessary treatment for this condition which is more effectively treated if diagnosed early.

Remember, diabetes management is not only based on insulin but also to a significant percentage, on your lifestyle.
To better control the disease, live a healthy lifestyle; eating healthy, not smoking, limiting your alcohol intake, having regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight, among other lifestyle changes that can help you live a healthier and more productive life.

For people living with diabetes, regular health check-ups are important to check the functioning of other body organs to ensure they are working properly and if not, have something done before it gets worse.

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