Understanding Medical Tourism

Medical tourism may be a new term for some people, however, it is not that different from what most people refer to as ‘overseas medical treatment’.

More and more people are finding it in their interests to travel to other countries to seek medical treatment for various reasons. At International Medical Treatment (IMT), we pride ourselves in finding high quality hospitals overseas, for people across Africa and the Middle East.

Last year, in 2018, we helped 1,496 people seeking overseas medical treatment. The numbers speak for themselves, but our quality coordination service provided to our clients says even more about our principles and our passion in helping our clients get good quality hospitals in their preferred destinations.

How it works

It may sound like such an easy task, but have you tried planning overseas medical treatment for yourself or your loved one? It is doable yet can be frustrating, especially if it is not something you are familiar with.

There are many steps involved from finding the right hospital, to getting a visa, to getting a treatment plan and to booking accommodation and flights. Realistically, planning for medical treatment overseas can be quite hectic.

This is the burden that we, at IMT, seek to lift from your shoulders, and to help you better understand how we make that possible, here is the step by step process:

  1. Discussion after initial contact:
    Once you get into contact with us either by filling in our online form or by calling us, an IMT client coordinator gets back to you and has a discussion with you, the client. This is to help us understand your specific needs as far as overseas medical treatment is concerned. The client coordinator helps the client to choose a hospital that best suits their needs.
  2. Medical Reports:
    Once the client has picked a hospital, the client coordinator requests the client’s medical records and sends them to the specialist at the hospital the client has chosen. If need be, the client can have the medical records sent to more than one hospital to help them in choosing a hospital. The medical records help the specialist in providing a treatment plan for the patient which comes in handy for the client when doing the actual planning.
  3. Relaying Information to the Client:
    Once we receive feedback from the hospital overseas, an IMT client coordinator then sends the information to the client, after which the client coordinator takes the client through the information from the specialist to help the client understand it and to answer any questions the client has.
  4. Planning:
    If the client decides to proceed with the treatment, the client coordinator prepares a full costing for the client which consists of the treatment cost, and the costs of the visa, flights, accommodation and even the meals. Therefore, the client does not have to worry about making bookings for their own doctor’s appointment, accommodation and flights. As for the visa, we
    get a letter of invitation from the hospital overseas which makes it easier for the client to get a visa.
  5. Treatment:
    The client coordinator assigned to the client remains in constant communication with the client while the client is receiving treatment; finding out whether the client arrives at the hospital, whether they are comfortable and how the treatment is going. IMT is available to the client at all times, helping to solve any issues that may arise.
  6. Post-treatment and Return:
    Once the client has completed their treatment and the doctor has given an okay for them to travel back home, the client coordinator does a follow up to find out whether the client is back home safely and how the client is fairing after the treatment. The client coordinator also ensures that the client gets all their medical records from the hospital overseas and if necessary, arranges a post-return consultation with the treating doctor.

Other than understanding the process, there is much more to learn about medical tourism, such as why you should consider going overseas for medical treatment. To learn more about advanced medical treatment from our partner hospitals, click here.

Overseas medical treatment is a demanding process, especially when it comes to the actual planning, something that is important to know before embarking on this journey yourself or before choosing a reliable partner, such as IMT, to assist you through the entire process. Choosing the right partner to help you may well be one of the most crucial things you do because with the right partner your overseas medical treatment process will not be as stressful as it would be if you did it on your own or if you used an unreliable facilitator.

Choose IMT and you have much more chance of a stress free overseas medical treatment journey.

Find Out More

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