What does the colour of your urine say about your health?

Most people only know dehydration to be the cause of change in urine colour, but did you know that the change in urine colour could be due to a medical condition?

Here are different colours of urine and what they may indicate about your health:

Good sign

These colours indicate good health:

  1. Transparent: You are more than hydrated
  2. Transparent yellow: Normal colour, well hydrated
  3. Pale straw: You are healthy and well-hydrated

Signs to check out for

If you notice these colours in your urine, you may need to see a doctor.

  • Dark yellow: You are fine, but you need to hydrate soon.
  • Amber/honey: You are dehydrated; drink some water.
  • Syrup/brown: Potential liver disease or severe dehydration. Drink water and if the urine remains the same colour, see a doctor.
  • Orange: Potential dehydration or liver/bile duct problem. See a doctor. It could also be caused by food dye.
  • Blue/green: Could be caused by food dye or certain medication, bacterial infection or a rare genetic disease.
  • Pink/reddish: Can be due to eating beets, blueberries or rhubarb. Can also due to infection of the blood, problem of the prostate or kidney disease, a tumor, a urinary tract infection, among other conditions.
  • Foamy/fizzy: Can be caused by kidney problems or excess protein.
  • Other colours: These can be either due to food dyes, certain medications, laxatives or chemotherapy drugs.

Be observant and notice any changes in your urine colour. If you realise any abnormal colour that continues, seek medical advice. Do not assume. Do not wait to get thirsty to hydrate.

Remaining hydrated is very important to remove excess toxins from your body. You should make drinking water a routine. Having enough water in the body could help reduce your chances of getting some diseases, especially those related to the urinary tract.

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