Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

It is estimated that 850 million people worldwide, have kidney disease. Kidney disease is a global burden with at least 2.4 million people dying each year due to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and about 1.7 million others dying from acute kidney injury (AKI). AKI is a leading cause of chronic kidney disease and 85% of AKI cases are in low- and middle-income countries.

About World Kidney Day (WKD)

Over 12 years ago, the WKD was started to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to the overall health of a person and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. The day brings together medical professionals, patients, and other parties involved like government officials, as well as the general public to take action against kidney disease at the local level.

Other objectives of the WKD include:

  1. Highlighting the fact that diabetes and high blood pressure are major CKD risk factors,
  2. Encouraging preventive behaviours,
  3. Emphasising the role that the local and national health authorities can play in controlling CKD, and
  4. Encouraging systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and high blood pressure for CKD.

2019 Theme

“Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere” – that is this year’s theme for the WKD which will concentrate on creating strategies for prevention and management of kidney disease due to counter its prevalence and the increasing burden of the disease, worldwide.

We at International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) (being one of the leading overseas medical treatment facilitators for people across Africa and the Middle East) have over the past year received a lot of enquiries from people seeking treatment for kidney conditions. The majority of those enquiries were about kidney transplants. We believe that the WKD theme has come at the right time because many people are suffering from kidney disease and some are almost desperate to find the right treatment.

Chronic kidney disease, also known as chronic kidney failure, has no cure and therefore its treatment is aimed at slowing down the progression of kidney damage using medications. End stage kidney failure can, however, be treated using dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Dialysis is a very common treatment for most people suffering from kidney failure. It involves artificially removing toxins from the blood using a dialysis machine. A catheter is inserted into the abdomen filling the abdominal cavity with a dialysis solution which absorbs waste and excess fluid. When the solution leaves the body, it takes the waste and excess fluid with it.

Kidney transplant is the best treatment for patients undergoing constant dialysis. It involves replacing a damaged kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor.

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IMT believes that everyone deserves quality treatment including in the case of kidney transplants. We can help you or your loved one find a quality kidney transplant treatment overseas in our world-class partner hospitals located in India, Turkey and Thailand.


Our partner hospitals in India (the Apollo Hospital Group and Gleneagles Global Hospitals) have state-of-the-art nephrology centres which offer comprehensive kidney transplant services. However, before choosing India for your kidney transplant, you should be aware of the fact that they only accept donors who are relatives of the recipient and therefore, your donor has to be a direct relative. Proof of this also will need to be shown.

  • Apollo Hospitals have performed over 10,000 kidney transplants to date and each year, they treat over 6,000 nephrology cases. The nephrology centres at these hospitals offer minimally invasive surgeries for renal donors minimizing post-operative recovery time as well as hospitalization.
  • Gleneagles is also a leading kidney transplant hospital in India offering kidney transplant procedures, chronic kidney disease treatment and care for all types of kidney conditions. Its multi-organ transplant centre is a pioneer in kidney, liver, lung and heart transplants in India.

One other reason you should consider India for your kidney transplant is that it offers more affordable transplant packages of around US$15,500.


Unlike India, Turkey is one of the few countries that allows a donor to be a non-relative of the recipient. However, this is only approved on a case by case basis, provided that the donor can prove they have not received any payment for the donation. Our partner hospital in Turkey (Acibadem hospital) is one of the leading private healthcare service providers in Turkey. The use of laparoscopic surgery makes the healing process much faster and causes less scarring.


Bumrungrad International Hospital is our partner hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, which has been ranked as the 9th best hospital in the world. The hospital is a complete definition of quality in medical treatment, receiving over 500,000 international patients from around the world. Their advanced kidney centre offers kidney transplants for both local and international patients.

The cost of the transplant is however higher than in India and Turkey, but the personalised care offered at the hospital is an added advantage for those who choose BIH for their kidney transplant. The hospital has the latest technology in both diagnosis and treatment of kidney conditions and the highly qualified team of nephrologists at the hospital work closely with nutritionists, pharmacists and clinical nurse coordinators to provide a multidisciplinary patient care.

To learn more about our partner hospitals and kidney transplants overseas, contact IMT today.

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