Cervical Cancer Awareness


Overview January is cervical health awareness month; a chance to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer. Every year, more than 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and over 300,000 women die of this cancer each year, worldwide. If nothing is done to create [...]

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Life After Breast Cancer Treatment


Overview Breast cancer affects approximately 2 million women worldwide and causes about 600,000 deaths yearly. Early diagnosis is the best way to reduce the many lives lost to this cancer. The life expectancy for breast cancer according to stage is as follows: Stage I 98% - 100% Stage II 90% - 99% Stage III [...]

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New Technology in Early Detection of Breast Cancer


Pink October Breast cancer impacts over 2 million women, worldwide, every year. With 627,000 deaths in 2018 alone due to breast cancer, this cancer is the most common cancer in women accounting for approximately 15% of all cancer deaths among women. Although breast cancer is common among women in developed countries, it has been [...]

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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment Overseas


Overview Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer of the lymphatic system, a system which comprises of tissues and organs that primarily consists of lymph nodes, lymph vessels and lymph. Its primary function is to transport lymph which is a clear colourless fluid that flows through the lymphatic system and contains white blood cells. [...]

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Reducing Risk of Leukaemia


Overview Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer that affects people of all ages. However, this cancer is the most common cancer in children younger than 15 years, with the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia being the type diagnosed in three quarter of children suffering from leukaemia cancer. In adults, especially those above 55 years of [...]

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Immunotherapy Meets Precision Medicine


Overview Cancer continues to be a global epidemic that has seen a lot of research go into its diagnosis and treatment. Precision medicine (which depends on a genetic understanding of a cancer) is one of the major developments that have led to more effective treatment of this disease. Genetic understanding is determined by DNA [...]

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Soft Tissue Sarcoma


Overview Sarcomas are a group of rare cancers that begin in the bones and connective tissue such as muscles and fatty tissue. These cancers consist of more than 70 types. However, in this article we will discuss soft tissue sarcoma which begins in the soft tissue (connective tissue). Soft tissue sarcoma starts in the [...]

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Advanced Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Options


Overiew Cancer diagnosis and treatment are focused on curing the disease and prolonging life and so provide cancer sufferers with the best possible quality of life. Given the significant number of cancer diagnoses and the more that 9 million deaths that occur worldwide each year, these two aspects (diagnosis and treatment) of cancer are [...]

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Important Cancer Terms you should Know


Overview Cancer is not a new term; being the second leading cause of death globally (over 9 million deaths) every year, the disease is widely known. However, some people do not understand what cancer really is and can be misinformed because of the many misconceptions that surround the disease. This article aims to help [...]

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Blood Cancer Types


Overiew Blood cancers affect blood cells and the bone marrow, interfering with how the blood cells behave and their functionality. This, in turn, affects the production of blood and how the body uses it. The main types of blood cells are: red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and carbon dioxide [...]

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