Medical Tourism

How to Choose a good Hospital Overseas


What are the challenges? Millions of people worldwide, travel overseas for medical treatment every year. Whether it is because they want access to more advanced medical technologies, a wide range of specialists or are more concerned about comfort during treatment, international patients have varying reasons for wanting to go to different medical tourism destinations [...]

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Kidney Transplant Overseas


Requirements Every year, over 130,000 solids organ transplants are carried out globally and of those transplants, more than 60,000 are kidney transplants. Approximately 40% of kidney transplants performed each year are from living donors. International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) receives a lot of enquiries from people who want to travel overseas for kidney transplants [...]

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Understanding Medical Tourism


Understanding Medical Tourism Medical tourism may be a new term for some people, however, it is not that different from what most people refer to as ‘overseas medical treatment’. More and more people are finding it in their interests to travel to other countries to seek medical treatment for various reasons. At International Medical [...]

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Transplant surgeries Overseas


Organ Transplant Procedures Organ transplants are one of the most common treatments that people seek overseas and over the past year International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) has received many enquiries; from people who are looking to undertake kidney, liver and bone marrow transplants.  This article is to give you an insight on how IMT [...]

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India as One of The Leading Medical Treatment Destinations


Why choose India for your Medical Treatment? India continues to be one of the leading overseas medical treatment destinations especially because of the affordable, yet high quality medical services offered in some of its hospitals. 20% of all patients in India are international patients from all parts of the world including Africa. In 2015 [...]

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World Health Day 2018


World Health Day 2018 Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, everywhere Over 800 million people around the world spend at least 10% of their household budget on health expenses for themselves, their sick child or another family member. This is one of the reasons why the world health day was started; to stimulate debates on bettering public [...]

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Kidney Transplant


What You Need to Know About Kidney Transplant In 2015 alone, 126,670 organ transplants were performed worldwide and out of those, 84,347 were kidney transplants. The need for kidney transplants continues to rise and so does the need for overseas medical treatment. Being a leading overseas medical treatment facilitator in Africa, International Medical Treatment [...]

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You Get What You Pay For When It Comes To Medical Treatment


Can You Just Compare The Cost Of Medical Treatment From Different Hospitals? When it comes to overseas medical treatment, people may be tempted to focus more on what the treatment is going to cost than to think about other important factors, such as the quality of treatment they are going to receive and the [...]

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American Standards of Medical Care Conveniently located in Dubai


What You Need to Know about Dubai as an Overseas Medical Treatment Destination Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the biggest population of slightly over 3 million people. Dubai is known and celebrated worldwide for its tremendous growth that has led to it becoming a global city, [...]

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Advanced Centres of Excellence at Bumrungrad International Hospital


Experience Asia's Favourite Medical Destination Apart from being ranked the 9th Best Hospital in the World along with the leading hospitals in the US and EU, Bumrungrad International Hospital is recognised as one of the world’s top hospitals for medical tourism. Bumrungrad serves over 1.1 million patients annually, with over 520,000 of those being [...]

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