Each year thousands of people travel abroad from Africa seeking medical treatment. More than US$1 billion is spent annually.

In 2016 alone, more than 100,000 people traveled from Kenya for medical treatment.

Currently, the medical tourism industry in Africa is highly fragmented, made up of many small-scale or single person operators. Unfortunately, some of these operators appear to have little regard for the client. It is not unusual for low quality hospitals to be recommended, hospitals that offer the operator the highest referral fees and that may not be best suited to give the best treatment for that condition.

At International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) we are here to provide a solution to people seeking overseas medical treatment and to the medical tourism industry at large. At IMT we understand that a person’s health is something that should never be taken lightly. People seeking international medical treatment deserve world class service by getting access to high quality doctors and specialists, advanced state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional care and someone to guide you throughout the process to remove the confusion on where to start and the hassle organising the treatment and travel. 

At IMT, we pride ourselves in facilitating people from all over Africa with access to affordable high quality medical treatment around the world. We understand the advantages that a client can gain from travelling internationally for medical treatment. These advantages include:

  • Quicker results and quicker diagnoses
    In many cases a client can get quicker results due to better equipped labs and diagnosis equipment.
  • Specialist equipment
    Our partner hospitals have the advanced equipment to be able to treat complex diseases, illnesses and injuries.
  • Specialists
    Our partner hospitals may have doctors and specialists with many years of experience in treating certain rare or advanced types of diseases or injuries, many of whom have either worked in the US or UK.
  • Quality
    High quality, internationally accredited hospitals with world class medical capabilities and specialist medical care when compared to countries with a less developed medical sector.
  • Affordability
    We offer accessible and affordable destinations with cost-effective treatments. In India, for example, clients can save between 65%-90% when compared with the cost of medical treatment in the US.
  • Accessibility
    All our recommended destinations are only one or two flights away from capital cities across Africa.
  • Availability
    No waiting lists and waiting times for the treatment to begin.
  • Comfort
    Some hospitals internationally have been built with extra comfort and amenities in mind to ensure the highest standard of care.

Over the years, India has grown to become a top-notch destination for medical treatment driven by a surging economy, a surplus of well-trained healthcare practitioners, low infrastructure costs and a significant investment in cutting edge technologies. India is now the leader for the international cost-conscious medical traveller serving more than 250,000 international patients annually and continues to attract more international patients through quality healthcare with no waiting times.

All of the hospitals IMT works with invests in cutting edge technology to support medical diagnostics, medical procedures and operative techniques. Complicated heart surgeries, cancer care and surgeries, neuro and even general surgeries require high-end technology to continually better outcomes, minimize complications, enable faster recovery and reduce the length of stay in hospital. The recent advancements in robotic surgeries, radiation surgery or radio therapies with cyberknife stereotactic options, IMRT / IGRT, transplant support systems, advanced neuro and spinal options are all available in India.

Heart care is just one area where India excels with success and morbidity rates are on par with those found in the US and Europe, with major surgeries costing between 65%-90% cheaper than in the US.

IMT has affiliations with internationally JCI accredited hospitals in several large metro areas: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Thailand is a well-known medical tourism destination and has some of the best hospitals in Asia. Thailand offers the medical traveller high quality internationally accredited hospitals and excellent customer service. Specialties include cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, cardiology, IVF/reproductive medicine, spine surgery, and dentistry. Despite rising standards of living, Thailand remains one of the world’s best values, with cost savings on medical procedures ranging from 40%-60% compared to treatment costs in the US, EU, and Japan.

Thailand is also world-renown for its wellness and preventative health sector with high quality spas and wellness resorts, often set in breathtaking coastal surroundings. This makes Thailand an excellent choice for those looking for health and wellness travel.

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world and is fast emerging as a popular Medical Tourism Destination. The Government of Dubai has been investing significantly to build up the healthcare sector in the country and has built the Dubai Healthcare City sitting on 380,000 Sq meters which is located less than 10 minutes’ drive from Dubai international airport. Dubai’s ambition to become the Middle East’s paramount medical tourism destination treating over 500,000 health tourists by 2020.

Dubai has a vast number of highquality health facilities many of whom are affiliated with international hospitals based in the US and Europe as well as a high number of qualified medical professionals. Dubai offers a myriad of first-class medical treatments and the system meets international best practices to ensure the delivery of the finest health services to international patients.

Abu Dhabi is also developing its health sector with the Government investing significantly to build up the health sector to attract international patients.

Kenya’s medical tourism sector is gradually developing and acts as a hub for patients seeking treatment from across East Africa.

Both the Government and private hospitals have been investing significantly to improve their facilities and buy specialist equipment and the quality of treatment is increasing each year.