NMC Advanced Urology and Andrology Centre

– The centre has state-of-the-art technology for surgical and non-surgical treatments.

– With a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists the centre offers comprehensive urological services.

International Medical Treatment (IMT) is the Official Representative Office for NMC Hospital, helping to coordinate treatment for patients across Africa at no charge.

NMC Urocare Centre – Providing Comprehensive Urological Services with State-of-the-art Technology

  • The NMC Urocare centre strives to offer expert and personalised treatment and care for patients with urological conditions from around the world.

  • This is made possible by the high-level medical expertise and nursing care, skilled urologists, minimally invasive surgicaleries and non-surgical treatments for in treating urological conditions for both people of all ages.

Treatments for Urological Conditions at NMC Urocare Centre

NMC Urology centre makes use of the latest technology to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions like:

  • Kidney Stone Surgical Treatments: Conservative kidney treatments such as medication and hydration may not work for some people and when that happens, surgical procedures such as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Uretroscopic Stone Removal and Tunnel Surgery, can be used.

  • Prostate Treatments: Minimally invasive surgery or advanced laparoscopy can be used in treating conditions that affect the prostate.

  • Men’s Clinic: This clinic deals with diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions like impotence. Some of the treatment options are penile prosthetics, Venous Leak Ligation, Artificial reproductive techniques, Microsurgical Vaso-vasostomy and Vaso-Epididymostomy

  • Female Urology: Some of the treatments offered for women in the urological centre include fistula repairs, Augmentation Cystoplasty and Reconstruction of the Upper and Lower Urinary Tract.

  • Uro-Oncology: These are treatments that are used to treat cancers that affect the urinary system such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney and testicular cancer. Treatments for these cancers include chemo and radiotherapy.

  • Neuro Urology: Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system conditions that affect the urinary system. Neurourological treatments include Injection Therapy and Artificial Urinary Sphincters.

  • Reconstructive Urology: These are treatments used to restore and repair urological organs both genital and urinary organs. Such treatments include urethral surgery, vasectomy reversal surgery, and penile implantation surgery.

The NMC Hospital has won several awards including:

International Medical Treatment(IMT) is the Official Representative Office for NMC Hospital, helping to coordinate treatment for patients across Africa at no charge.