Health & Wellness

International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) believes that prevention is always better than a cure and that by educating people on the importance of preventative health and early detection options, they can take control of their own health. At IMT we encourage clients to be proactive and prepare, rather than reactive and repair.

Take control of your health today by either undertaking a comprehensive health check-up or wellness retreat.

For preventive screening and health check-ups, we are affiliated with a number of high quality, internationally accredited (JCI) hospitals and clinics that have cutting edge technology and centres of excellence which can undertake comprehensive full body health check-ups utilising their advanced screening equipment.

For Wellness packages and retreats, we work with a number of market leading retreats and spas to ensure you get a wellness package that leaves you feeling revitalized, energized and refreshed.

Preventive Health Tour Packages

Comprehensive Health Check-ups

Through IMT’s partnerships and affiliation with world class hospitals that are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited, we offer clients the opportunity to travel to our partner hospitals to get comprehensive health check-ups. Undertaking a comprehensive health check-up can have the following benefits:

  • Help people to detect ailments at an early stage, before they get worse. Detecting and treating conditions in the early stages can be easier than treating conditions that have developed, which can make treatment less complex with shorter treatment times and better outcomes. This helps save the patient from going through additional pain, can help save a significant amount of money as treating costs are less in the earlier stages, as well as even prevent death as it is easier to treat most conditions in the earlier on.

  • If any conditions are identified, all our partner hospitals have qualified specialists and advanced capabilities to treat most complex conditions.

  • Identify not just ailments, but other issues that they may not have been known for example: low vitamin levels, high cholesterol, thyroid irregularities, liver function tests and many more, which can be rectified through changing your lifestyle or through medication, before it develops to a full blown condition.


Wellness Retreats


  • Spa retreats
  • Yoga retreats
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation retreats
  • Alternative and traditional therapies

You are welcome to contact us to find out more on all our preventive and wellness options.