The London Clinic Hospital

– The largest private independent hospital in the UK with a comprehensive range of medical services.

– Established in 1932 and situated in the heart of London’s medical community.

– World-leading specialists providing patients with individualized treatments and care.

The London Clinic Hospital

– The largest private independent hospital in the UK with a comprehensive range of medical services.

– Established in 1932 and situated in the heart of London’s medical community.

– World-leading specialists providing patients with individualized treatments and care.

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International Medical Treatment (IMT) is an Official Information & Representative Office for The London Clinic, helping to coordinate all medical treatments at no charge.

The London Clinic – A Hospital Invested in Patient Care, Research & Innovation

2020 Winner of Best use of technology in medical travel award, IMTJ Awards

2018 Winner of International Cancer Centre of the Year,  IMTJ Awards

2017 Bronze Winner of the National Inclusion Standards Award

2017 Winner of Management Excellence, LaingBuisson Awards

  • Has some of London’s most renowned consultants, many being prominent leaders in their fields.

  • Offers a range of Self-Pay ‘all-inclusive’ fixed price packages ensuring patient’s take comfort in knowing that they pay one simple, agreed price that will not change.

  • Accredited on-site pathology laboratory.

  • Gained accreditation for the decontamination and high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes and accessories.

  • 2020 Winner of Best use of technology in medical travel award presented by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) for the new digital service ‘Connect’.

  • Won International Cancer Centre of the Year, 2018 IMTJ Medical Travel Awards.

Medical Services Offered At The London Clinic

  • Blood disorders

  • Intensive care unit

  • Cancer care

  • Cardiology services

  • Dermatology

  • Diabetes and Endocrinology

  • Digestive health services

  • Diagnostic tests and scans

  • Eye centre

  • GP services

  • Head and neck services

  • Kidney services

  • Liver services

  • Men’s health services

  • Orthopaedic, bone and joint services

  • Pathology

  • Pain management services

  • Physiotherapy and aquatic therapy

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery

  • Radiotherapy services

  • Respiratory services

  • Robotic surgery

  • Spine and brain services

  • Sports and exercise

  • Vascular and vein services

  • Dietetics and nutrition

  • Women’s health services

  • Weight management services

Innovations and Technology at The London Clinic

  • Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for tumours; a mobile irradiation system designed to deliver a single dose of targeted low energy radiation directly to the tumour bed, while limiting healthy tissue exposure to radiation.

  • 3T MRI scanner for cancer care and imaging; the first hospital in the UK to offer patients advanced diagnostic scanning with the new, state-of-the-art, Siemens MAGNETOM Vida 3T MRI scanner.

  • Offers CyberKnife precision radiotherapy as an alternative to surgery for complex or inoperable cancer cases.

  • One of the first hospitals in UK to offer SpaceOar treatment for prostate cancer. This is a high-tech hydrogel designed to protect patients from rectal damage during radiotherapy.

  • Only Hospital in the UK that has the technology to deliver the world’s most up to date and advanced radiotherapy technique combining the use of RapidArc with Respiratory Gating. This means that radiotherapy is customized to the individual patient’s personal body.

  • Uses the da Vinci Surgical System as an alternative to both open and keyhole surgery to perform overly complex procedures. 

  • Developed Clinic Safe technique for robotic prostate surgery allowing the nerves to be preserved during robotic radical prostatectomy, resulting in better continence and erections post-surgery.

  • Offers Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) for liver cancer, a technique that accurately targets primary liver cancer or cancer that has spread to the liver from another primary organ.

  • The only private hospital in London, offering adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer cases. This is a safe, effective alternative to traditional radiotherapy, with potential to minimize radiation toxicity to healthy tissues.

Key Service Areas Include:

  • Cancer Care

    The hospital’s award-winning cancer centre provides the best cancer care from diagnosis and treatment to support and beyond. The Center offers all cancer treatments under one roof with a multidisciplinary team working together to ensure individualistic treatment is given to meet patient needs using the latest most effective treatments.

    The Center offers complementary therapy, physiotherapy, psychological support, dietetic advice, and image guidance. A comprehensive series of Moving On workshops is also hosted to support and help patients create Individual Wellness Plans.

    The centre treats all types of adult cancer, from the most common to the exceedingly rare: Lymphoma, breast cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, eye cancer, cervical cancer, head and neck cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, skin cancer, secondary bone metastases, uterine cancer etc

  • Digestive Health

    The London Clinic has a team of experts performing different operations for a range of colorectal problems. The Endoscopy Unit allows complete examination of all parts of the digestive system. The hospital also has highly experienced team of experts ready to assist in weight management services.

  • Some of the specialities available at the hospital include Paediatrics, orthopaedic surgery, interventional cardiology, gastroenterology, Neurology, nephrology, among others.

  • Orthopaedic, Bone and Joint

    Specialists work together to provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of bone and joint conditions, a range of diagnostic imaging is also available to ensure Specialists have all necessary information to make a specific diagnosis and prepare a tailored treatment plan.

    The physiotherapy team is also ready to assist to treat problems not needing surgery as well as help with rehabilitation should one require surgery.

  • Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic surgery plays an important role in rehabilitation after various types of cancer treatments. Sometimes healthy tissue surrounding a tumour is left damaged after surgery or radiotherapy to treat cancers; in such cases, reconstructive surgery can be necessary to help restore function and appearance.

    Mastectomy for breast cancer – many different types of breast reconstruction techniques are now available, providing a wide choice for individual women

    Head and neck cancer – facial reconstruction surgery is a particular expertise at The London Clinic

    Surgery for skin cancer – patients may need a skin graft or skin flap to repair the skin defect

    Surgery for colorectal cancer, gynaecological or peritoneal cancers – reconstructive surgeons at The

    London Clinic have developed novel surgical approaches to repair defects in the bowel and to correct fistulas.

  • Plastic Surgery Following Trauma

    Any type of accident, whether because of physical impact or burns, can cause injury that results in loss of tissue or directly damages the bones, limbs, hands, feet, or face. 

    Reconstructive surgery to repair upper and lower limbs

    Reconstruction to restore the function and appearance of the hand, for example due to ulnar nerve compression, hand paralysis, Dupuytren’s disease, the effects of arthritis and nerve ganglion problems

    Facial reconstruction to repair the bones and tissues of the face

    Skin grafting and scar reduction in patients with burn damage to the skin or after extensive lacerations

    Other than reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgeries are also available at The London Clinic

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