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Common Treatment Options for Cancer 

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Depending on the type of cancer and stage, these are some of the cancer treatment options available:

  • Surgery: This is done to remove part of a cancer tumor, the entire tumor or even an entire organ and is often followed by other treatment options.

  • Chemotherapy: This treatment uses anti- cancer drugs to kill the cancer cells in the body. These drugs can be taken orally or injected into the body.

  • Radiotherapy: This involves using high- energy beams to kill cancer cells and may be external (using x- rays) or internal by using radioactive pellets.

  • Chemo-radiation Therapy: This is a combination of both Chemo and Radiation treatments.

  • Hormone therapy: It involves using drugs to prevent cancer cells in the body from getting hormones that will aid in their growth. It can be used to treat cancer that has spread far, and which cannot be treated using radiation or surgery.

  • Target Therapy: It is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to target specific cancer cells without causing damage to normal cells.

  • Immunotherapy: This cancer treatment option is meant to boost the immune system of the body and make it aware of the presence of cancer in the body thereby being able to fight the cancer cells.

  • Stem cell or Bone Marrow transplant: This procedure helps in replacing blood forming cells (stem cells) which have been damaged by cancer, radiation treatment or by high doses of anti- cancer drugs for example during chemotherapy which is done before stem cell transplant. These stem cells can either be from the cancer sufferer whose stem cells are collected before treatment (autologous), a donor (allogenic) or even from the umbilical cord of a new-born (syngeneic).

  • Transplant: This involves transferring body tissue or organ from a donor to a recipient. It can be an entire organ or a section of it.

  • Brachytherapy: This is a type of radiation that uses radioactive material implanted into the body allowing doctors to deliver high doses of radiation to the affected area of the body.

  • Image Guided Radiation Therapy: This treatment combines x- ray imaging and radiation treatment allowing the daily tracking of changes in both location and shape of the tumor and the normal tissues which surround the tumor.

  • Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D- DRT): It uses a set of CT images to identify both tumor and normal tissue that need to be avoided before radiation is carried out by directing radiation beams into the cancer patient’s body from many angles to destroy the tumor and cause no harm to the normal tissues.

  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT): It is a type of 3D- CRT treatment that not only varies the shape of the radiation beams but also their intensity.

  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (RSS): This non- invasive procedure uses accurately targeted radiation in large doses to kill or destroy cancer tumors.

  • Laser Treatment: It uses laser beams of light to burn away abnormal cancerous cells.

  • Diathermy/ Electrocautery/ Thermocautery Treatment: It uses electric current to destroy cancer cells in the body.

  • Photodynamic Therapy: It uses drugs and laser light to kill cancer cells.

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Idney – Seychelles – Prostate Cancer, 2017

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