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Throat Cancer & Treatment Options

Throat cancer is the rapid growth of malignant (cancerous) cells in the voice box, the vocal cords or in any other part of the throat. The vocal cords are organs of speech which tighten up and move closer together when we talk, forcing air from the lungs to pass through them. This makes them to  vibrate and produce the sound of our voice.

These are some of the common treatment options for Throat Cancer

  • Surgery: The different surgeries for throat cancer are as follows:

    1. Early stage throat cancer can be treated through:

    a. Laser Surgery
    b. Lymphadectomy

    2. When the cancer has spread to other parts, the type of surgery depends on which part the cancer has spread to. These surgeries include the following:

    a. Cordectomy
    b. Laryngectomy
    c. Pharyngectomy

  • Chemotherapy


  • Targeted Therapy

  • Immunotherapy

Who is IMT’s Coordination Services For?

Everyone from all over Africa who is looking to go overseas for medical treatment and who wants an established and reliable coordinator to help manage the entire process.

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Patient Testimonials 

“IMT helped arrange my treatment overseas. IMT helped obtain for me a treatment plan from the specialists at their partner hospitals and after comparing with other options I found myself, I decided to go for treatment at their partner hospital in India. I was very impressed with the service IMT provided, as well as the follow up while I was in India. I was also very impressed with their partner hospital and the treating specialist. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to go overseas for medical treatment consider using IMT to help them find the best medical treatment.”

Idney – Seychelles – Cancer, 2017

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