Today’s hectic lifestyle can be overwhelming leaving little time for most people to focus on their health. This is why the holiday season can be a great time to start focusing more on your wellbeing.

Sunway Wellness Centre is the right place to think about when considering getting affordable and comprehensive health check-up packages for you and your family. Sunway is one of the leading private medical centres in Asia-Pacific, having been awarded Hospital of the Year Malaysia 2016, Oncology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific 2018 and Neurology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific 2018, among several other awards. The hospital offers high quality medical treatment at affordable prices that are actually comparable to India which is often a preferred medical tourism destination due to its affordability.

Sunway’s Wellness Centre has teams of medical officers and consultants in several specialities who work together to manage potential health risks by providing specific health screening programmes for individuals to suit their health needs. Services include:

Checking your individual health history and clinical examinations, Body Mass Index (BMI), Full Blood Count, Blood Pressure Screening, and Thyroid Screening, among many more.

The centre offers screening packages for men and women of all ages as well as individuals with specific health concerns like heart conditions. Sunway Medical Centre is located in Sunway City which comprises Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Hotel and Sunway Shopping Mall all in close proximity which are great additions for those who choose their health screening at Sunway Wellness Centre as they can enjoy these amenities after their screening or even as they wait for their screening results.

Health Screening Packages at Sunway Wellness Centre

Wellness Screening

  • Bio-General Package – RM577 per package (USD 138.90)
  • Specialist Package – RM684 per package (USD164.66)
  • Premier Package – RM1,007 per package (USD 242.41)

Men’s Health Screening

  • Men Basic package which is recommended for men below 40 years – RM840 per package (USD 202.21)
  • Men Wellness Package recommended for men between 40 – 50 years – RM924 per package (USD 222.43)
  • Men Comprehensive Package recommended for men above 50 years – RM1,377 per package (USD 331.48)

Women’s Health Screening

  • Women Basic Package recommended for women below 40 years – RM997 per package (USD 240.00)
  •  Women Wellness Package recommended for women between 40 -50 years – RM1,170 per package (USD 281.65)
  •  Women Comprehensive Package recommended for women above 50 years – RM1,620 per package (USD 389.98)

Heart Screening

  • Standard Heart Screening package – RM1,305 per package (USD 314.15)
  • Premier Heart Screening package – RM1,499 per package (USD 360.85)

Stroke Screening recommended for people from 50 years and above – RM2,563 per package (USD 616.98)

  • This package is, however, only available under a neurologist’s recommendation
  • Blood Screening Profile – RM230 per package (USD 55.37)

Premarital Screening

  • Premarital Screening for individuals – RM294 per package (USD 70.77)
  • Premarital Screening for couples – RM537 per package (USD 129.27)

To find out about this and other health screening packages, contact IMT today and start the new year feeling healthier and re-energised.

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