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Are you a doctor seeking to help your patients get advanced overseas medical treatment for complex conditions?


International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) helps simplify the process for doctors to assist their patients get advanced medical treatment overseas, at our leading partner hospitals around the world.

Who Do We Work With?

We Partner With Doctors From All Over Africa

We partner with doctors from all over Africa who need to refer their patients to hospitals overseas for advanced medical treatment, and want to ensure that their patients are well looked after and get the best medical treatment.

Our Overseas Partner Hospitals

We only work with leading hospitals in key medical tourism destinations, which are all Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited and that offer our clients’ world class medical services. These hospitals include:

  • In India – The leading hospital group in India that was awarded: Hospital of the Year in India for 2017 (by the Global Health and Travel Awards).
  • In Thailand – One of the highest-ranked hospitals in the world (ranked the 9th best hospital in the world). The hospital treats over 1.1 million patients each year, of which over 520,000 are international patients from 190 countries across the world.
  • In Dubai  – One of the leading hospitals in the Middle East that provides American standard medical care, is part of the Mayo Clinic Network, and is conveniently located in the UAE.
  • In Turkey – The leading hospital group in Turkey.

All of our partner hospitals are market leaders that are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. All of the specialists at the hospitals are highly trained, with many having studied and worked in the US and Europe. You can be assured that any patient (even those with complex conditions) who you refer, will receive the best standard of medical treatment and care.

Who is IMT’s Coordination Services For?

Everyone from all over Africa who is looking to go overseas for medical treatment and who wants an established and reliable coordinator to help manage the entire process.

How Can We Help?

At IMT, we help take away the burden of figuring out where to go overseas for high quality medical treatment. We have spent a considerable amount of time selecting and forming partnerships with only market leading hospitals.

We manage the entire process for doctors and hospitals looking to refer their patients abroad for more complex medical treatments that are not available locally. Doctors and hospitals get to outsource this process for free to an established and reliable overseas medical treatment facilitator. It is an additional service that doctors can offer their patients at no charge.

Does IMT Charge For Its Coordination Service?

We never charge the patient for our coordination service. We also never charge the doctor/hospital for our service in helping their patients. All medical fees are paid directly to the hospital that the patient has selected to undertake their treatment.

What Are The Benefits?

Benefits to the Patients

Figuring out where to go overseas for advanced medical treatment can be confusing and managing the entire process can be challenging. We help manage the entire process. Some of the benefits to patients using our service include:

  • A free coordination service for managing the entire process. All medical treatment fees are paid directly to the hospital the patient has selected for their medical treatment. The patient will never pay any more than if they had arranged everything themselves directly with the hospital.

  • All hospitals are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and staffed with experienced specialists. They can treat complex conditions which can’t be treated locally.

  • Patients can choose between market leading hospitals in India, Dubai and Thailand which cover all budgets.

  • Patients can request treatment plans and costings from multiple specialists and hospitals to allow them to make an informed decision on which treatment is right for them.

Benefits to the Doctor/ Hospital

There are a number of benefits to doctors and hospitals that work with us. The benefits include:

  • Our coordination service is free – free for the referring doctor, free for the referring hospital and free for the patient.

  • Referring doctors and hospitals avoid having to hire and manage an in-house coordination team for their patients to help organise their patients to travel overseas for treatment.

  • Doctors and hospitals with patients who need advanced medical treatment overseas, can confidently direct their patients to IMT. IMT will help the patient choose the right overseas hospital, and help the patient make the necessary arrangements.

  • Doctors and hospitals who direct patients to us add a valuable service for their patients.

  • Doctors and hospitals who direct their patients to us may be perceived by their patients as being prepared to go that extra mile for their patients to ensure they get the treatment they need.

  • Doctors and hospitals that direct patients to us are kept in the loop. When IMT receives a treatment plan from one of our partner hospitals, we provide the plan to the patient’s local doctor or hospital, enabling them to discuss the plan with their patient and give their opinion. By doing this, the local doctor or hospital can be a part of their patient’s overseas treatment journey.

  • Once the patients return from their overseas medical treatment, the local doctors or hospitals are again kept in the loop. Their patients’ overseas medical records are provided to them, so that can give continued medical support to their patients once they are back home.

To summarise – If a local doctor or hospital directs a patient to us, the local doctor or hospital (and the patient) does not have to go through the entire process of looking for an overseas hospital, getting visas, planning their travel and accommodation, following up while the patient is undergoing treatment overseas, and planning the patient’s return home after the treatment. IMT does all of that, as part of our coordination services.

Patient Testimonials

“IMT helped arrange my treatment overseas. IMT helped obtain for me a treatment plan from the specialists at their partner hospitals and after comparing with other options I found myself, I decided to go for treatment at their partner hospital in India. I was very impressed with the service IMT provided, as well as the follow up while I was in India. I was also very impressed with their partner hospital and the treating specialist. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to go overseas for medical treatment consider using IMT to help them find the best medical treatment.”

Idney – Seychelles - Prostate Cancer, 2017

“IMT is doing a fantastic job of linking those in need of medical treatment with expert medical personnel in India, Dubai and Thailand for free. The officer assigned to me was fervent and communicated with me before, during and after the treatment. She was helpful in finding out how the process was going and followed through right till the end. I would highly recommend this service.”

Saude – Nigeria – Traveled to Dubai for Medical Treatment, 2018

How The Process Works

The local doctor, with the permission of their patient, submits an online form to us or sends us an email, with the patients’ information and medical records. This helps us to identify the condition for which treatment is being sought, and where the patient would like to go for treatment.

IMT then takes care of the rest. The steps are set out below, but please note that we also ensure that the local doctor or hospital is kept in the loop, if they wish to be, by the sending of regular updates, sharing the patient’s proposed medical treatment plan, and by ensuring that all medical records from the patient’s overseas medical treatment are sent to be included in the patient’s local medical file.

The steps that the patient will then go through, after the local doctor or hospital has directed the patient to IMT and sent us the medical records, are:


An IMT client coordinator speaks with the patient to understand their needs and to help narrow down their choice of country. Patients are welcome to select more than one country and hospital for a treatment plan.


With the consent of the patient, we send the medical records to the specialists at the selected hospital. The specialists confirm the condition (give a second opinion), propose a treatment, and provide a costing for the treatment.


IMT sends the treatment plan and costing to the patient and discusses these with the patient. The treatment plan can also be sent to the local doctor or hospital who can also take the patient through the treatment plan and give their opinion about the plan.


Once the patient has confirmed they would like to proceed with their overseas medical treatment, IMT helps to organise their visas, book suitable accommodation, book flights, and schedule all appointments.


Once the patient has travelled to the destination, the client coordinator will organise an airport pickup and continue to be in communication with the patient to ensure that the treatment process is going well. IMT is contactable at any time in case they need any assistance.


After their treatment is completed and the doctor has given them the OK to travel home, the client coordinator will help arrange the patient’s return flights. Once the patient arrives back home, the client coordinator follows up with the patient to see how the patient is healing and can arrange a post-return virtual consultation with the treating doctor.

The client coordinator also ensures that the medical records are sent back to the patient and the patient’s local doctor or hospital.

We Are Here To Help Manage The Entire Process For You

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