World-Class Fertility Treatment in Kenya

– The centre has the latest equipment including a laboratory with time-lapse incubator technology.

– Fertility Point is part of NMC Healthcare – the largest fertility provider in the world with fertility clinic in the US, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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International Medical Treatment is an Official Information and Referral Office for Fertility Point Kenya, helping coordinate treatment for people in Kenya and across the region at no extra charge.

World Class IVF Clinic for Reproduction and Embryology

Fertility Point is a new fertility center in Nairobi, Kenya set up by NMC Healthcare, which is the largest fertility provider in the world.

  • Fertility Point is part of NMC and assists patients from all over Africa. The centre was established in Nairobi, Kenya in 2018. NMC Hospital Group is the worlds leading fertility provider and has the largest network of fertility centres around the world.

  • Having a branch in Kenya means that people seeking fertility treatment from Africa do not have to travel too far, without compromising on treatment or technology.

  • Fertility Point Kenya, offers the same quality of fertility treatment as all NMC Healthcare fertility centres around the world, including their fertility centres in the US, Europe and UAE. All their centres uses the same latest state-of-the-art equipment.

  • The centre also has highly trained fertility specialists who provide the best care and walk with them throughout their journey to become parents.

Why Choose Fertility Point?

  • Latest Fertility Technology: State-of-the-art IVF Laboratory with time-lapse incubators which take images of the embryo every 20 minutes allowing the specialist to view the embryo development process without having to remove them from the incubator daily. With this cutting-edge technology, the specialist can monitor the embryo no matter where they are. These incubators also enable embryologists to evaluate the embryos for a better prediction of future development and implantation potential.

  • Experienced Fertility Specialists: All IVF consultants and embryologists at the centre are internationally trained and have proven expertise and success in fertility treatment.

  • Expert Advice: Fertility Point puts a lot into ensuring that patients are well informed about their fertility issues and understand the treatment that is right for them. The centre also works on preparing the patients mentally and emotionally for the outcome of the procedures they undergo.

  • Fertility treatment does not always rely on IVF treatment. The specialists will offer the necessary advice to patients and IVF is only carried out after other options have been ruled out.

  • The centre is conveniently located in Nairobi which is only one flight away for people in Africa and for those in neighbouring countries, it is easily accessible by road. This helps to cut on travel costs.

Fertility Point is located at Fortis Suites, Ground Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Fertility Point Now Offering Online Video Teleconsultations

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Log on and have your Telemedicine Consultation online with the Specialist from Fertility Point at the agreed time to discuss your case and allow you to ask any questions.

Why Have An Online Telemedicine Consultation At Fertility Point?


Fertility Point IVF Centre has highly trained fertility specialists who provide the best care. They will walk with you throughout your journey  to becoming parents.


Have your Online Video Consultation from anywhere, on any smartphone or computer with a web camera. All you need is an internet connection.


When you choose an online video consultation for your first appointment or follow ups, you’ll eliminate the need to travel and all that time spent waiting in the doctors office.

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Patient Testimonials 

“My husband via google found your clinic, we read up on all articles/news and reviews related to the practice.

Luckily we were able to chat with the management via WhatsApp and we were directed to Ms. Elizabeth who answer all out questions with every sense of professionalism, humor and in depth resources on all what the process is all about and what it will entail. This helped in allaying some my/our fears. I became convinced to go ahead.

When we arrived, we noticed how clean, organised the environment was and the staff were very welcoming.

Dr. Sarita was very detailed, resourceful and patient at every point of my procedure which helped to reduce my anxiety. She was good. I must commend her.

Fertility Point is a great practice, from get go I had so much confidence given what I saw and experienced. Professional staff, updated medical equipment and a serene environment.

I will definitely recommend it to anyone, any day, any time!!”

Lucy S. – Nigeria – IVF, 2020

“I am doing great and am now 5 months pregnant. I had the best treatment at Fertility Point, it’s the best place to be. I recommended 3 of my friends and they also had good results. I really appreciate you guys. Thanks so much.”

Ralia S. – Kenya – IVF, 2020

“The appointment went very well and I really liked their professionalism. Dr Sarita knows what she is doing and her staff too are very professional.”

Collins M. – Kenya – Fertility Appointment, 2020

“Fertility Point was cool. The members of staff were so friendly and helpful, including Dr Sarita. So, overall it was a good experience and I left there felling more rest assured. Thanks for recommending them.”

Anne P. – Kenya – Fertility Appointment, 2020

Fertility Treatments & Techniques at Fertility Point

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary

Dr. Rajesh is the Lead Fertility Consultant at Fertility Point Kenya. He is a Gynaecologist Endoscopic Surgeon with a special interest in IVF and fertility enhancing endoscopic procedures. 

Experience and Achievements

Dr. Rajesh has exceptional expertise with over 1o years experience in IVF, Obstetrician and Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine and Expertise in IVF/Infertility care.  he has taken care of 5000 IVF cases.

Dr. Rajesh has performed more than 5,000 IVF cases, over 200 hysteroscopic surgeries and more than 20,000 ultrasounds related to infertility and obstetrics. He has handled more than 200 cases of surgical retrieval of sperms for Azoospermic patients.

He has been credited for the effective IVF treatment of a 50 year old woman who delivered triplets and achieved pregnancy in a 58 year old lady who delivered twins after successful transfer of two donor blastocyst embryos.

Facts On NMC Healthcare:

International Medical Treatment is an Official Information and Referral Office for Fertility Point Kenya, helping coordinate treatment for people in Kenya and across the region at no extra charge.