The Most Advanced & Progressive Healthcare Leader in India

Gleneagles Global Hospital is one of the leading hospital groups in India offering high quality medical services in a broad range of specialties. The hospital is considered a pioneer in kidney, heart, liver and lung transplants, as well as offering advanced treatment for all other conditions.

International Medical Treatment (IMT) is the Official Information and Referral Office for Gleneagles Global Hospitals in India, helping to coordinate all medical treatments and checkups at no charge.

A Pioneer in Multi-Organ Transplants and Advanced Medical Treatment in India

  • Gleneagles Hospital was the first in the world to perform a TB Spine Surgery and Liver Transplant.

  • The Hospital was the first to perform an Innovative paediatric liver transplant in India.

  • The Gleneagles hospitals are a fully owned subsidiary of the IHH Healthcare which is a leading international provider of premium integrated healthcare services in Malaysia, Singapore, India and Turkey.

  • The hospitals operate a chain of multi-super specialty hospitals offering both tertiary and quaternary healthcare services.

  • Gleneagles hospitals are NABC (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers), this being proof of world-class standards of healthcare services offered at these hospitals.

A New Leading Hospital Group in India

Redefining Healthcare For International Patients

  • Gleneagles has over 2,000 beds
  • Covers over 40 multi-disciplinary specialties
  • A pioneer in kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants
  • Incorporates cutting edge medical technology in driving new and more effective treatments
  • Largest technology research processes

Leading Centers Of Excellence

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