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Conditions Treated by Gleneagles Nephrology Centre

  • Acute kidney failure

  • Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

  • Glomerulonephritis

  • Hyperoxaluria and oxalosis

  • Kidney cysts

  • Kidney infection

  • Kidney stones

  • Lupus nephritis

  • Nephroblastoma


  • Kidney Transplant: Replacing an unhealthy kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor.

  • Kidney-liver transplant: Performing both kidney and liver transplant at the same time in certain hyperoxaluria cases.

  • Dialysis: This is a procedure used to remove toxins from the from the blood in cases where the kidney has failed or is damaged affecting its normal functioning.

  • Chemotherapy: Using a combination of anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells in the treatment of nephroblastoma.

  • Radiotherapy: Using high energy beams to destroy cancer cells in patients with nephroblastoma.

Procedures and Tests

  • Urinalysis: It is a test of the urine to help in diagnosing a wide range of kidney disorders such as kidney disease by checking the appearance and concentration of the urine.

  • Kidney biopsy: Also known as renal biopsy, this procedure involves removal of a sample of kidney tissue which is then tested in a lab to help in diagnosis of kidney problems.

  • Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR): This procedure is done to determine how ell the kidney is functioning by estimating how much blood passes through the glomeruli (tiny waste filters in the kidneys) per minute.

  • Genetic Testing: This test is done in rare cases to identify the gene that is causing kidney disease.

  • Immunology Testing: It basically checks the functioning of the body’s immune system by checking for certain antibodies such as the antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies.

  • Voiding Cystourethrogram: This is a type of e-ray that is done to check the urethra and bladder and therefore can be used to diagnose kidney stones.

  • Nephrolithotomy: This is surgery done to remove large kidney stone

  • Iothalamate Clearance Testing: This procedure is done to check how the glomerular filtrate is working by injecting radioactive iothalamate into the blood and checking how fast it is excreted in the blood and urine.

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