Looking For Cost Effective Advanced Medical Treatment?

Experience Advanced Medical Treatment From India’s Most Trusted Health Care Provider. 

IMT is an overseas medical facilitator that will link you to the leading multi-specialty hospitals in India.

Who is IMT’s Coordination Services For?

Everyone from all over Africa who is looking to go overseas for medical treatment and who wants an established and reliable coordinator to help manage the entire process.

Using Innovation to Provide Advanced Treatment To People From Across Africa

  • Our partner hospital is the leading hospital group in India and provides advanced medical treatment

  • The hospital has treated over 50 million patients from over 140 countries around the world

  • Over 7,000 doctors that provide the highest standard of medical treatment and care

  • Use of cutting edge technology for procedures and surgeries which result in shorter hospitalization time, less scaring, less muscle and tissue damage

  • State of the art laboratory and pathology facilities which result in quick lab tests and shorter waiting times between appointments and treatment

  • Joint Commission International Accreditation which improves patient safety and quality of health care

Our partner hospital has won several awards an milestones including

Centres of Excellence for Advanced HealthCare

Redefining Healthcare For International Patients

  • 64 advanced hospitals throughout India and two internationally
  • IMT works with the top 5 Hospitals across India
  • New advanced infrastructure and equipment ensuring the highest standard of care
  • International help desks for patients coming from Africa and translators for a number of languages to ensure a smooth stay while undertaking treatment
  • Direct flights from some African cities such as Nairobi and only 2 flight from most other capital cities across Africa
  • New advanced diagnostic equipment including Siemens Biograph 64 PET/CT Scanner, a high resolution medical imaging device used for early cancer detection and improved diagnoses
  • New advanced treatment including Image Guided Radiotherapy which is the most accurate method for targeting cancer tumors
  • State-of-the-art operating rooms
  • Cutting edge Minimally Invasive Surgery Systems which reduce damage to surrounding areas and quicken recovery times

Equipped with the Latest Technology

Patient Testimonials

“IMT helped arrange my treatment overseas. IMT helped obtain for me a treatment plan from the specialists at their partner hospitals and after comparing with other options I found myself, I decided to go for treatment at their partner hospital in India. I was very impressed with the service IMT provided, as well as the follow up while I was in India. I was also very impressed with their partner hospital and the treating specialist. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to go overseas for medical treatment consider using IMT to help them find the best medical treatment.”

Idney – Seychelles – Prostate Cancer2017

We Are Here To Help Manage The Entire Process For You

Our coordination service is always free and all hospital fees are paid directly to the hospital where you select to undertake your treatment.