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International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT) believes in forming partnerships to help people all over Africa get the best medical care through our world class partner hospitals. Out partner hospitals are all internationally (JCI) accredited and are some of the best hospitals with the best specialists in their regions. IMT provides a FREE coordination service to ensure that we help our clients get the best treatment at the best price. Why not work with IMT today.

Physicians /Doctors and Hospitals

IMT partners with physicians, doctors and hospitals that need help to refer their patients who require medical treatment overseas for complex treatments that may not be done locally. At IMT we can help coordinate and assist your patients through every step of the process at no cost to your patients or to your organization. Get your patients the best help today.

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Corporate and Organizations

IMT partners with large and small organizations in the private and public sectors to help their employees access high quality medical care overseas. It may be that the organization will pay for the entire treatment for their staff, cost share or simply would like to help take the hassle out of figuring out how to go about seeking overseas treatment, picking the right hospitals, getting treatment options and organizing the travel and accommodation.

IMT can help your colleagues through every step of the process. Show your staff you care and contact us today by filling in the form below.


IMT believes that Healthy Nations are Wealthy Nations and that is why IMT partners with governments to provide the best health care services to citizens and government employees for complex condition that may not be easily treated within the country.

We can help government officials, employees and citizens access the best treatment with world class hospitals at the best price, without the hassle of having to hire additional staff to manage the process. We help look after our clients through every step of the process and our coordination services are free.

Insurance Companies

IMT partners with insurance companies to provide a free coordination service for their clients and access to our partner hospitals in India, Thailand and Dubai. This not only benefits their clients, as they get access to market leading hospitals, but also benefits the Insurance companies as it provides another way for insurance companies to offer customers more, by providing an additional service at no cost to the Insurance company.

When your customer cannot be treated locally, contact us and we can help your customer through every step of the process from selecting the right hospital, to obtaining treatment options, to organizing all travel and accommodation, to ensuring they are looked after while they are undertaking their treatment. We have them covered.


IMT partners with individuals /people who can refer friends or family members seeking overseas medical treatment. We help people all over Africa, so partner with us today to help you or your loved ones get access to the best treatments with our partner hospitals in India, Thailand and Dubai.

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