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At International Medical Treatment Ltd (IMT), we simplify the process of getting advanced organ transplant procedures at our leading partner hospitals around the world. 

Organ Transplant & Types

Organ Transplant refers to the transfer of a healthy organ from a donor to a recipient. There are various organs that people can undergo transplant for including, the liver, heart, kidney, corneal, pancreas, among others.

  • Liver Transplant: This can be done for part of or the entire liver depending on the condition of the liver. 

  • Bone marrow Transplant: This procedure helps in replacing blood forming cells (stem cells) which have been damaged by cancer, radiation treatment or by high doses of anti- cancer drugs. The stem cell transplant can be:

    1. Autologous (from your own bone marrow) 
    2. Allogeneic (from a donors bone marrow) 

  • Kidney Transplant: Involves transferring a healthy kidney from a donor to a recipient.

  • Heart Transplant: It involves transferring a healthy heart from a donor (who is deceased), to a recipient.

  • Pancreatic Transplant: It refers to implanting a healthy pancreas from a donor to a recipient.

  • Lung Transplant: Involves the removal of one or both lungs which are replaced by healthy lungs from a donor. The types of lung transplants include:

    1. Single lung transplant
    2. Double lung transplant

  • Transplant Surgeries: Minimally Invasive procedures e.g Laparoscopic surgery, can be used to perform transplant surgeries.

Who is IMT’s Coordination Services For?

Everyone from all over Africa who is looking to go overseas for medical treatment and who wants an established and reliable coordinator to help manage the entire process.

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Patient Testimonial

“IMT was was influential in my journey to Ahmedabad, India for bone marrow transplant. They rendered assistance from obtaining a treatment plan, visa acquisition to travelling, provided accommodation upon arrival in India, and kept tabs of my progress during the duration of the treatment. They offer a selfless service I must say..”

Abdulwaheed – Nigeria – Traveled to India for BMT for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 2018

We Are Here To Help Manage The Entire Process For You

Our coordination service is always free and all hospital fees are paid directly to the hospital where you select to undertake your treatment.